Kindai Mahjong Akagi White Day Cookies

Thanks go out to Cosmosmith for this one! When she was in Japan a few weeks ago, she regaled to me a tale of Akagi Valentine’s Day cookies. Sadly, as Valentine’s Day had already passed, it was no longer possible to procure these magnificent items.

But there was hope!

It was almost a month until White Day, and as luck would have it Kindai Mahjong’s store was taking pre-orders for their Akagi White Day cookies. I reserved a couple without hesitation, and they came in just the other day. Seeing as how today is White Day, I figured I should at least have one of them, and then post about it!

You get five cookies in all, packaged in a neat little plastic bag. To be honest, given I paid 1500 yen for these things, I feel gypped at just five cookies…

Just reminding you that these are official products from Kindai Mahjong.

The only names I remember are Akagi and Washizu.

Here’s some close ups.

Looks tasty!

But yeah, as you can see, the print quality is not quite there on some of them. Then again, how often is it that you’re asked to print on cookies?

I decide to eat the blind guy first, ’cause that’s just how I roll. As I remove the cookie from the plastic, the distinct smell of butter cookies finds its way into my nostrils.

The taste? Alright. It’s not going to rock your world, but it’s not particularly bad either. Basically what I expect from some crackpot Mahjong magazine White Day tie-in.


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