Analog Housou@Otakon 2013

That’s right, I’ll be making a triumphant return to Otakon after taking 2012 off! What’s more, I got a panel. Come on down to Panel 4 (BCC 341-342) at 7:30 on Saturday evening for Otaku Hotspots in Tokyo, run by myself, omo from Omonomono, and featuring a guest appearance by Dave of Subatomic Brainfreeze  (but

Welcome to the bonertown.

I assume many of you are not familiar with me. I will use this post to introduce myself and give you a quick glimpse into my fractured, sordid past. As I drove home after partying hard to ring in 2011, speeding along the rain-slicked Highway 101, my iPod began to play Crystal King’s Ai Wo