OLH in June 2024

In an attempt to dust off this blog and get some content up, I’m going to fully embrace the early-2000s era approach to blogging by “reporting” on “news” from over a week ago[1]Or, about a century ago in current internet time. However, I am doing this because the topic in question is one near and dear to my heart: The band OLH–formally known as Omokage Lucky Hole, and now known as Only Love Hurts. I have been blogging about OLH for nearly 15 years, and now I feel a weird sense of duty in keeping the handful of English fans updated on what’s going on with the band, so please allow me to indulge. 

When we last left OLH, their future was looking bleak. The coronavirus pandemic had put a complete stop to their live performances, and their keyboardist Sonegawa Akio had died at the all-too-young age of 52. Their last show was in the “before times” of 2019–now a whole five years ago–and their Twitter account had not been updated since 2022. 

…until recently that is, when the band started posting a series of cryptic messages.

“It’s been a while”

“We have an announcement to make”

“We need some time to prepare, please give us a moment”

And then, their big announcement dropped: 

For those not versed in Japanese, the band is looking for three of its founding members–two chorus members named “Kei-chan” and “Narumi-chan,” and one percussionist named “Mi-chan.” 

…and that’s it!

Anyway, I posted about this on Twitter right around when the video dropped. In my tweet, I claim that I don’t want to assume anything…

…but what the hell!

I think OLH is gearing up for either their final concert, their final album, or both. The band has been around for over 30 years now, which means the core members are hitting their late 50s and 60s. Given their level of activity over the past decade, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re looking to close up shop. If this is the case, it would make sense for them to attempt reaching out to some of their original members and call them back for one last hurrah. I don’t believe I have ever seen these original members they are looking for outside of some really old videos, so if they really do manage to find them and convince them to perform again, it would be an exciting first for me… even if it turns out to also be an exciting last.

But what do I know? Maybe OLH is ready to kick ass for another 30 years. I do find the image of aCKy in his late 80s stripping down on stage extremely amusing, but only the band knows what’s ahead for them[2]Or do they?. As such, I do look forward to whatever announcement they plan to drop next.

…by the way, it seems as if they still haven’t gotten many tips on the three people they’re looking for. But at the same time, in a recent post they just mentioned that they had been unknowingly limiting incoming DMs to only verified accounts. Now with the floodgates open, they are awaiting any tips that come in… including all the spam and porn bots that will likely pour in as well (their words, not mine).

Good luck, OLH! Find that lucky hole, and jam it in!

1 Or, about a century ago in current internet time
2 Or do they?

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