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Better Than Another Rei or Asuka Figure: The Evangelion Exihibition in Ginza

Considering how much of a letdown Evangelion: Q was, along with how quick Eva is to try and violently rob people of their hard earned moolah, when I heard mention of the Eva exhibit in Ginza, I turned my nose … Continue reading

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Actually Getting Too Old For This Shit–Like, Physically, My Body Hurts: Otakon 2013

Otakon celebrated its 20th year a few weeks back at its usual venue in the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore, Maryland. As a DC native, Otakon is more or less my local con, and I’ve been going regularly since I … Continue reading

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Nerdin’ Out on the Chuo Line: Kuroneco@Nakano and The Ghibli Museum@Mitaka

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself doing otaku-related stuff in Tokyo’s west side, the more laid back part of the city. That being the case, these spots are more chilled out than otaku establishments on the city’s … Continue reading

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