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Halfway Into Spring 2013: The Good, The Great, And The Greatest

Amongst the typical lot of dross this season, there are actually three shows that I’m keeping up with weekly and regard as Quite Good. Suisei no Gargantia This one’s the weakest link. While really well produced, it’s not terribly complex … Continue reading

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The Joy of Laserdiscs

As we roll into 2012, it looks all but inevitable that video media in general will slowly and irrevocably shift into a fundamentally intangible commodity. The disks and cartridges imprinted with our favorite movies and TV shows, once a necessity, … Continue reading

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Reports from the Front Line of the Japanese Middle Class: Tokyo Sonata

Despite being abruptly fired from his middling Tokyo office job, by-the-book salaryman Sasaki Ryuuhei still heads out the house everyday clad in his suit and tie. His stay-at-home wife, Megumi, is taken for granted and unsatisfied. Their two sons are … Continue reading

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