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Welcome To Analog Housou

In an era defined by an abundance of choice, there are a multitude of blogs out there for one to read and enjoy. With so much choice out there, Analog Housou wishes to distinguish itself by doing something simple: Provide level-headed and well written reviews on  various facets of J-pop, with a strong otaku bend. While pop culture is more or less defined by disposable entertainment, there is still beauty to be found in a sea of products designed by committee. Analog Housou intends to take silly fanboy gushing over such items and turn it into something more substantial. By exploring the hows and whys of our enthusiasm, we hope to come up with articles that articulately communicate our feelings on any given subject, be it films, games, books, or music.

This isn’t to say we can’t be silly about it, too. Don’t let the somewhat serious tone of that first paragraph get to you–we like to have fun here, but it’s a fun that’s a bit more interesting than tired image macros and catchphrases. Analog Housou means to both entertain as well as give our readers a little something to chew on with each entry. This blog won’t be a somber affair, but we’re not going to be rocking out with our cocks out all of the time either. Just some of the time.


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