The Artist Formerly Known As Omokage Lucky Hole@Friday, Yokohama — “Sorry For Being So Half-Assed”

Kannai station is a stop on the Keihin-Tohoku line in Yokohama, about forty minutes away from Shinjuku station. Known as a sleazy part of town, once past the immediate vicinity of the station, visitors are treated to the typical roaring pachinko parlors, sketchy massage joints, overpriced hostess clubs, love hotels with dubious names like “Hotel


Another exhibition I caught on its last day (back in September, at this point) was the Yotsubato exhibit–YOTSUBA & DANBOARD THE EXHIBITION–commemorating the series’ tenth anniversary. It was a fine toast to the series’ ten years, collecting various fascinating artifacts from across the series’ decade-long run. Advertisements for the series from the past until now

Still Alive: Two Years in Japan

Taking the Chiyoda line to Tokyo’s northwest corner where the line terminates lands one in Adachi ward, the last bastion of the mighty metropolis before it gives way to the desolate suburbs of Saitama and Chiba. This terminal station is called Ayase, a quiet little “shitamachi” neighborhood that’s a little old, a little beat up,