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Plastic Joy: Figma Hitagi Senjougahara and Figma KOS-MOS ver. 4

I have a ridiculous amount of toys.   The majority of my collection revolves around Max Factory’s figma line.  These 5-6 inch figures, mostly if not entirely designed by Maki Asai, launched in January 2008 and took the action figure world … Continue reading

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Love and Peace! Trigun: Badlands Rumble

Five years since its announcement, and twelve years after finishing its Japanese television run, Trigun fires its way into theaters with the release of the film Badlands Rumble.  Vash the Stampede once again stumbles and fumbles his way into a … Continue reading

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Kara no Kyōkai Blu-ray Box Set: A Shifting Perspective

The sounds of chatter and shuffling. Standing amongst a small line of people.  The sun seeping through the glass windows. “Next in line!” I flip out the notice and my ID.  I am ready. The chattering and shuffling die down … Continue reading

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