Good Evening, Anime Blog Tournament: Welcome to Analog Housou

Hello everyone coming in by way of the AniBlogTourney!

For all you new visitors, Analog Housou is a blog founded and written by me–wah–and co-written by my associates Seiya and Bonertown. The goal of Analog Housou is to cover a wide range of Japanese media, including anime, manga, art, movies and music. That said, given the schedules of the three of us, it’s difficult to post super regularly. When we do post, we hope it makes you seek out what we’re talking about, or at least think about the media you’re consuming a bit more deeply.

To save you newcomers the trouble of wading through archives to try and find something good to read, allow me to present you with a veritable buffet of pieces by all of our writers.

Since I’m the one writing this post, I’m going to be a bit selfish and pimp myself the most.

  • Shaft’s Edge, Part 1 and Part 2: One of the first things I set out to do when I started this blog is to articulate to the good people of the internet why I enjoy the animation studio SHAFT and their works. I used to rant about the studio a lot on my Twitter (as they don’t make a show a season anymore, I’ve stopped talking about them very often) but with these two posts I feel like I summed up more or less why I like the studio and their works.
  • Let’s Socializing! The Manga Research Society at Sophia University: My first trip to Japan was eye-opening and life changing in many ways, and attending my school’s manga club was an important part of my life that I feel changed me for the better. And you can read all about it here!
  • A Visionary Genius Takes Us Into The World of Adolescent Girls: Takamichi Love Works: In this blog’s first big artbook post (and still just one of two…) I try to understand why I enjoy the works of Comic LO illustrator Takamichi.
  • With All That Said, I’ll Probably Watch it Again on Blu-Ray: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: This was one that kind of made people mad, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Despite being a fan of Shaft and director Shinbou Akiyuki, I didn’t really like Madoka. While I’m admittedly a bit of a jerk in this article, I think I articulated why I don’t like the series well. The comments are pretty good, too.

Next up is Seiya!

  • The Joy of Laserdiscs: I’ve been to Seiya’s house before, and have laid eyes on his insane collection of giant silver discs with movies and TV shows on them. He’s the master when it comes to LDs, to give this article and click and take in his wisdom.
  • Level E First Impressions: Don’t be fooled! While this is indeed a first impressions post on a show which has long since stopped airing, Seiya’s commentary is steeped in historical background that gives weight to his opinions and accurately contextualizes the show in question.

And third is Bonertown!

  • Welcome to the bonertown.: Bonertown’s triumphant debut on this blog has him waxing nostalgic about his youth as a fan, and establishes him as someone way more qualified to talk about this sort of stuff than the likes of me! Great photos of and old con booklet, too!
  • Plastic Joy: Figma Hitagi Senjougahara and Figma KOS-MOS ver. 4: Bonertown pulls out all the stops for the site’s first figure review, with comprehensive criticisms, laughs, and great photos.

And there you have it! Read those posts! If you like ’em, please vote for us! We’d really appreciate it! Maybe it’ll make us update more often!

For those of you who are regular readers of the blog… please vote for us as well! We need everything we can get to move on to the next round!

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