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Still Alive: Two Years in Japan

Taking the Chiyoda line to Tokyo’s northwest corner where the line terminates lands one in Adachi ward, the last bastion of the mighty metropolis before it gives way to the desolate suburbs of Saitama and Chiba. This terminal station is … Continue reading

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Better Than Another Rei or Asuka Figure: The Evangelion Exihibition in Ginza

Considering how much of a letdown Evangelion: Q was, along with how quick Eva is to try and violently rob people of their hard earned moolah, when I heard mention of the Eva exhibit in Ginza, I turned my nose … Continue reading

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Nerdin’ Out on the Chuo Line: Kuroneco@Nakano and The Ghibli Museum@Mitaka

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself doing otaku-related stuff in Tokyo’s west side, the more laid back part of the city. That being the case, these spots are more chilled out than otaku establishments on the city’s … Continue reading

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