Kill la Kill Won’t Kill You Yet, But it Might by The End (In Four Weeks, This Post is Late)

Kill la Kill is something I like. At face value, it’s kinetic, brash, and big. But beyond that, it also has moments of levity interwove perfectly with moments of gravity. The show has versatility, and it’s this versatility that makes Kill la Kill the compelling thing that it is, and why I still find myself looking

Ex-Gainax Does Magic School (Also Animator School): Little Witch Academia

Magical academies! Spunky heroines! A big orchestral soundtrack! …sounds really boring, right? But in the hands of skilled craftsmen, convention can be compelling, and that’s what Little Witch Academia taught me. Now that all the good people that made up Gainax exist in the form of a studio named Trigger, I was eagerly awaiting their