Nichijou’s Bite Hurts

Nichijou wins a lot of points for being a gag comedy first and foremost, and one with a fair amount of a teeth at that–a refreshing change from its surrounding yon-koma peers that focus more on low-impact moe antics in lieu of hard hitting gags. It’s not that I don’t enjoy stuff like K-ON! (the

The Sakura are in the Air! Spring 2011 Anime Impressions

It’s that time again! Our season preview is back and better than ever! We’ve even managed to fit it all in one post! How about that? Nana to Kaoru (bonertown) Ryuta Amazume’s manga gets adapted into an OVA. The plot is fairly standard: the beautiful honor student Nana Chigusa lives next door to Kaoru Sugimura,