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Better Than Another Rei or Asuka Figure: The Evangelion Exihibition in Ginza

Considering how much of a letdown Evangelion: Q was, along with how quick Eva is to try and violently rob people of their hard earned moolah, when I heard mention of the Eva exhibit in Ginza, I turned my nose … Continue reading

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Welcome To This Crazy Time: Evangelion New Theatrical Edition Q

I don’t want to say something like, “With Q, Eva really has jumped the shark,” or, “Q is a giant disappointment after three long years of anticipation,” because neither of those things are the case. That said… it’s not a … Continue reading

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The Story Thus Far: Evangelion Jo and Ha

Seeing as the third Evangelion movie finally hit cinemas nation-wide about a week ago, I went back and revisited the first two films to put myself in the right frame of mind to watch Q. It’s kind of astonishing how … Continue reading

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