Analog Housou Radio — Attack on Final Eva Part I

In my most auspicious (and most likely temporary) return to podcasting, I sit down with OG Analog Housou writer “The” Bonertown, seasoned anime fan Jeremy, and the ultimate Eva expert–The Eva Monkey–to chat about the final installment of the Rebuild of Evangelion series, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, or FINAL EVA.

Listen below

Or listen directly on SoundCloud here.

Some notes —

  • We probably recorded the (now unavailable, for good reasons) Mistakes of Youth podcast on the second Rebuild film in 2009, and not 2008… since the film was not out in 2008.
  • This is the site that has the news from Anime News Service (RIP) with the rough translation of the initial Rebuild announcement.
  • This is the artwork I was referring to when mentioning the generic, early-2000s style of the initial promotional material for the Rebuild series.

Eva Monkey can be found at and at his Twitter account. “The” Bonertown can also be found on Twitter here. Jeremy can be found if you know me and want to sit down with us for a drink.

You can read Analog Housou’s initial review of FINAL EVA here, written just weeks after its theatrical release in Japan.


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