Analog Housou@Otakon 2013

That’s right, I’ll be making a triumphant return to Otakon after taking 2012 off! What’s more, I got a panel. Come on down to Panel 4 (BCC 341-342) at 7:30 on Saturday evening for Otaku Hotspots in Tokyo, run by myself, omo from Omonomono, and featuring a guest appearance by Dave of Subatomic Brainfreeze  (but more importantly, Kawaiikochan.)

As one can probably infer from the title, we will be talking about the prime otaku hangout spots in Tokyo, covering shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Yes, A-Button and Garten will most certainly get mentions.

Not gonna do a meet up or anything ’cause the comic site is dead (gotta fix it…) and I doubt this blog has many readers, so even if I did set one up I doubt anyone would come. But if you want feel free to come up after the panel and shoot the breeze.

3 thoughts on “Analog Housou@Otakon 2013

  1. JP and I will try to stop by assuming a bunch of asshats don’t just sit in on every panel and block the room from new entrances like last year. And you better mention all the places in Ikebukuro for the ladies lol!

  2. Shit, I should have come up after the panel and said hi. I started reading this blog recently, and was in the front row of that panel (bright blue “Too kawaii to live” shirt) but I left right when the panel ended.

    I think I spent a decent portion of the con being wowed by seeing bloggers/anime twitter people I follow irl and being too shy to really say anything. (´・ω・`)

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