With Love From OLH

Okay, so at around Christmas time Omokage Lucky Hole had a bit of an announcement. While it was unfortunately not news of a concert, it was something that was rather intriguing–they were looking for someone to run their website.

As someone who loves OLH and will take any opportunity to get closer to them, I naturally sign up right away.

Fast-forward to the end of February: I come home one day to find a slip in my mail box notifying me of an undelivered package. As I hadn’t ordered anything recently, I am puzzled as to what it could be. Then I look at the sender: P-Vine.

OLH’s record label.

I am shocked and confused for a minute, until I remember that when I signed up for the job, I was asked to provide my address. My imagination begins to run wild–Could it be an exclusive recording of a new song? Concert tickets?

I temper my expectations.

“It’s probably just a letter saying ‘no'”, I think to myself.

I call the number on the slip to schedule a redelivery for the next day.

At around 19:30 the following day, an old man appears at my doorstep with a package. I snatch it out of his hands, and proceed to run into the depths of my apartment to tear the thing open.

The package in question is a very nice gift bag from a store in one of Tokyo’s swankier neighborhoods–Jiyuugaoka–with a mailing label slapped right on top. The sender?

Omokage Lucky Hole.

And like a boy on Christmas morning, I smile ear-to-ear upon seeing the contents:

An aCKy-style pink straw hat along with pink glasses signed by the man himself. There’s also a copy of their newest album, and a letter saying, “We’re terribly sorry you didn’t get the job, but here’s a present!”

So yeah, pretty good. I will wear these at the next concert, for sure.


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