Omokage Lucky Hole: Como Esta NTR

“I want to see my wife’s perverted face right before my very eyes.”

The funky X-Rated Noir band Omokage Lucky Hole opens their 20th anniversary album with a lively celebration of one of Japan’s most self depreciating sexual fetishes–NTR, the thrill of seeing one’s SO with another man.

A celebratory horn riff and catchy pop melody drive this song about a man who, upon spotting “something white down there”, decides that he’s too old to satisfy his wife, and would much rather see her with someone else–someone who can do the things he can’t.

What really makes this song is its brazen lack of shame. It’s like I keep saying–Como Esta NTR is a celebration. It celebrates what is not just a perverse–but an inherently lame–sexual fantasy, without any sort of restraint whatsoever. The song’s catchy nature brilliantly illustrates the main character’s child-like bliss as he loses himself in his fantasies.

The lyrics here are all about the details– the song goes out of its way to name drop erotic novel publisher France Shoin–” I desire a thrill even France Shoin can’t provide”–and the male enhancement drug Viagra–“I desire endurance even Viagra can’t provide”–grounding it firmly in the reality of every 50 year old Japanese man the nation over. There’s also the mention of “something white down there”, along with a scarily detailed explanation of how the main guy decides to fake being passed out drunk in order to peek in on his wife from another room, making the song that much more out there and creepy.

The song loses all control in its chorus, as aCKy runs off names of all the gentlemen in the neighborhood who he would like to see with his wife, cut between joyful cries of “N T RRRRR!!” At first the kinds of people that pop up are typical porno movie standards–the tennis coach, the old boyfriend, the daughter’s teacher, etc. But then, the examples become increasingly more bizarre, and by the end they drop in the yaki-imo guy and the fire extinguisher salesman. This everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach bestows the song’s satire with an added level of absurdity that helps to drive its humor home, along with the energetic instrumentals.

Taking into consideration the specificity of the details in the song, along with the age of the vocalist/lyricist, it’s clear that aCKy is talking about his own life. To this end, Como Esta NTR is another tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek number sending up something in life that is quite real and unpleasant: A perfect way to kick off an album celebrating 20 years of songs just like this one.


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