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Omokage Lucky Hole VS Machiyama Tomohiro “We’re Sick and Tired of Songs about ‘Believing in’ things like ‘Sakura’ and ‘Tomorrow'”

Or, “Sakura” ya “Ashita” o “Shinjiru” Uta wa Mou Takusan! Last week there was a talk event between OLH and subcultural superstar Machiyama Tomohiro in Itabashi. You may know Itabashi as one of those stops on the Sobu line between … Continue reading

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Omokage Lucky Hole: The 20-Year-Old’s Worthless Coming of Age Ceremony Tour@Shinsaibashi Club Janus 08/26/2012

That’s the best way I can translate Hatachi no Neuchi mo Nai Seininshiki Tour. So, I saw my favorite Japanese, X-Rated, funk, R&B, Showa ballad and Noir band’s twentieth anniversary concert in Osaka some weeks ago. Omokage Lucky Hole has … Continue reading

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Omokage Lucky Hole: Como Esta NTR

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] “I want to see my wife’s perverted face right before my very eyes.” The funky X-Rated Noir band Omokage Lucky Hole opens their 20th anniversary album with a lively celebration of one of … Continue reading

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