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Shimapan On The Silver Screen: Strike Witches The Movie

The first Strike Witches television series came as a surprise to most people. While turning off most folks with its admittedly shameless focus on certain parts of the female anatomy, those of us with the sorts of proclivities that the … Continue reading

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Kindai Mahjong Akagi White Day Cookies

Thanks go out to Cosmosmith for this one! When she was in Japan a few weeks ago, she regaled to me a tale of Akagi Valentine’s Day cookies. Sadly, as Valentine’s Day had already passed, it was no longer possible … Continue reading

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Piercing Through Walls of Embarrassment: The Otaku Singles Event

I gotta thank ANN for this one: Last year they reported on some crazy-ass K-ON! matchmaking event that went down in Tokyo held by the all too appropriately named dating service “I’m Single.” Me being the kind of dude who … Continue reading

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