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Nothin’ But Hamburger: Gundam 0080

While I have no trouble calling myself a Gundam fan, I pale in comparison to those who obsessively watch each and every entry into the franchise multiple times, pick apart the technical details of the mecha, and try to reconcile … Continue reading

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Capsule’s World of Fantasy: Not Exactly a Killer Wave

Rewind a bit back to March: Capsule was gearing up to release their new record–the boldly titled KILLER WAVE–but given the events of March 11th, the duo couldn’t exactly put out a disc with a title like that. As such, … Continue reading

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Plastic Joy: Figma Hitagi Senjougahara and Figma KOS-MOS ver. 4

I have a ridiculous amount of toys.   The majority of my collection revolves around Max Factory’s figma line.  These 5-6 inch figures, mostly if not entirely designed by Maki Asai, launched in January 2008 and took the action figure world … Continue reading

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