Straight Into Your Heart: Laser Beam

Since their 2009 album Triangle, Perfume has bombarded the masses with a flurry of singles, each disc exuding its own musical personality. Could this variation in styles be due to the differing commercial endeavors these songs are paired with? Perhaps! But while it’s easy to write a group like Perfume off as exceedingly commercial at

Living on the Edge of Gundam

During my semester abroad at Sophia University, I’d spend a lot of my off-hours in Mandarake. Throughout my many treasure hunts deep within its dark corridors, I’d always be on the lookout for Gundam books. As a Gundam fan, I’ve always wanted a couple of nice art books, but unfortunately online stores hardly have comprehensive

With All That Said, I’ll Probably Watch it Again on Blu-Ray: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Over the past few years I’ve become a rather big fan of director Shinbou Akiyuki and studio SHAFT. However, my relationship with these two has naturally had some rough patches, especially when it comes to the Shinbou side of the equation: Between keeping up with his current collaborations with SHAFT, and catching up with his