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The Sakura are in the Air! Spring 2011 Anime Impressions

It’s that time again! Our season preview is back and better than ever! We’ve even managed to fit it all in one post! How about that? Nana to Kaoru (bonertown) Ryuta Amazume’s manga gets adapted into an OVA. The plot … Continue reading

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Reports from the Front Line of the Japanese Middle Class: Tokyo Sonata

Despite being abruptly fired from his middling Tokyo office job, by-the-book salaryman Sasaki Ryuuhei still heads out the house everyday clad in his suit and tie. His stay-at-home wife, Megumi, is taken for granted and unsatisfied. Their two sons are … Continue reading

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SHOUNEN JUMP MOVIE TIME: Dive in the Vampire Bund

Throughout my travels across the Japanese pop-culture landscape, I am ashamed to say that I have never once partaken in a work with the word “gaiden”–or “side story”–in its title. Well, until now, as I have just finished reading Dance … Continue reading

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