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Being Dragged Along: The Characters in Madoka Magica

In lieu of finishing part 2 of my “SHAFT’s Edge” post (which I’ll get around to) I will instead quickly comment on something more recent: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. I don’t read a ton of anime blogs, but between the … Continue reading

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Kara no Kyōkai Blu-ray Box Set: A Shifting Perspective

The sounds of chatter and shuffling. Standing amongst a small line of people.  The sun seeping through the glass windows. “Next in line!” I flip out the notice and my ID.  I am ready. The chattering and shuffling die down … Continue reading

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Letting a Creator’s Personality Shine Through, More Crap About Shinbou

I realize this post will probably reek of BS and seem completely obvious, but I feel I should qualify my judgments when I say “such and such sucks” and “such and such owns.” Hopefully this post will give you a … Continue reading

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